TOUR 1 : mature man make love with teen girl

Hi! My name is Alexey. I'm 45 years old. Her name is Zoya. she in only 18 teen years old.
My teen having trouble with her computer and she asked me to help.She is a good girl, and she allow me to play with her after that...

Hi! My name is Zoya.

I am 18. I love to play computer games, not so dumb games like tetris, but rpg and other stuff.
I 've bought new PC a day before and try to install windows on it. But, unfortunatly, I am not familiar with computers, so I asked my mature friend Alexey to help me.
He was so intellegent and gentle!

As you know my name is Alexey.

I was asked to help Zoe to set-up winows features for her, so she can play computer But she doubt she can install all software without mouse. SHE LOSE..

He said, he can show me things, I never expected...

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